We successfully participated in the pre-qualification phase of the “Magyar Multi” (Hungarian Multi) program, and we won the so-called Magyar Multi certificate. The certificate reinforces our efforts focusing on corporate development, with the goal to participate even more effectively in the international market and to better position ourselves in foreign markets.

The Magyar Multi program aims to strengthen small and middle size companies with high growth potential and innovative and export-ready products and services. During the pre-qualification process, we participated in tailor-made company diagnostics, members of our management were interviewed, and where the company‘s future development plan was also presented. The target group of the program was the micro, small and medium-sized enterprises with high growth potential, with headquarters or locations in the convergence region, and whose management is committed to further significant development and partnership-based development. With the certificate, we may apply for the various, later tenders with more confidence.

At the same time, the feedback reminds each and every one of our employees that one can stand out with diligent, quality work.

Source of the picture: https://mmp.ifka.hu/hu/page/palyazoi-fooldal

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